A Coffee Drinker's Guide to Whiter Teeth


It's a 3-cup-a-day kinda season

It's no surprise Americans drink 30% more coffee in the fall and winter. 

Darker days mean more caffeine which can lead to teeth surface stains.    

Here are four ways to keep teeth bright and still drink all the coffee.

  • Swish water around your mouth before and after drinking coffee or tea. 
  • Drink through a straw. Buy stainless steel straws here and say No to one-use plastic. 
  • Avoid coffee and tea after wine. Wine softens enamel making it easier to stain. 
  • Use a naturally whitening toothpaste like Mint Charcoal with activated carbon. 

Fight Coffee with Carbon

Our activated charcoal derived from coconuts detoxifies and scrubs
off surface stains leaving your smile sparkling white and organic
peppermint oil leaves your breath tasting minty-fresh. 

Tame the Tea Stain 

Naturally whitening xylitol and baking soda eliminates
surface stains left behind by coffee or tea for gradual whitening
and organic peppermint freshness. 


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