Kick the tube

All natural toothpaste Bits.Great for travel · Great for homeDelivered to your doorstep.

Better for you,
Better for all

Less chemicals in our bodies.
Less plastic in our landfills.

Made with organic plant-based ingredients
clinically proven to clean and protect teeth.

The Kind Promise

By choosing Bite Toothpaste Bits or any product by The Kind Lab, you make a commitment everyday, twice a day to your body and your health. We promise to honor that commitment by only using the finest ingredients and sourcing organically when possible. From product quality and sustainable packaging, to never testing on animals and supporting local businesses, we pride ourselves on doing business right. We believe that people and the planet are more important than profits and that ethos guides everything we do.

Give a Bit.

— Bite by The Kind Lab —

Vegan. 100% Biodegradable. Fair trade. Cruelty-free.
Made with Organic Ingredients & Hand-pressed in Los Angeles, CA.