1 Way To Live Sustainably

1 Way To Live Sustainably

If you’re someone who thinks about trying to live more sustainably, chances are you’ve read your fair share of “10 ways to to…” lists. You’ve considered it all, and maybe even adopted a few new habits, but ultimately, it can feel pretty overwhelming. After all, the issues around sustainability are big — like, the world and the universe big. How much can one person really do?

Rather than get caught up in existential questions, we’re here to help you focus and do one good thing; one choice you can make today to live more sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s Bite, ya’ll. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign up for a Bite subscription
  • Never buy (or discard) another tube of toothpaste again

Click here to get your Bite Toothpaste Bits — when you subscribe, you refill your glass jar with compostable refill pouches.

Bam. With one action, you’ve reduced your contribution to landfills. You’ve made a sustainable choice and done something good for the planet.

That’s our thinking at Bite. We dropped everything to start this company, and it’s focused on an issue that seems pretty small. Wouldn’t our time be better spent starting, say, a foundation for sustainability? A huge world-bettering product of some kind? We don’t think so, because we believe that the little things really matter, and that lots of people making seemingly small choices every day is how we’re going to build a better world.

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