Top Plastic-Free Kitchen Tips from the Bite Community

Top Plastic-Free Kitchen Tips from the Bite Community

Last week we shared the complete guide to a plastic-free kitchen, and ended up with even more great ideas from our community to stir into the pot. Find a compilation below of some of the top tips that came our way from zero waste bloggers and chefs to our Instagram community (you!), and keep the creative suggestions coming in the comments to support our collective plastic-free revolution. ✌️

5 vegetables to regrow

1. Regrow, don't throw your food scraps 

Shared by Max LaManna | Zero Waste Chef | Author of #MorePlantsLessWaste | @MaxLaManna

Roughly 1/3 of the food around the world is wasted. (That's 1.3 billion tons of food every year)!

Max's #1 Tip: Start regrowing your food scraps. Yes, you could have an endless supply of basil, coriander, leeks, spring onions or lettuce all year round. Place the stem in water, clean and change water regularly and when roots start to appear then it's time to re-plant.

2. Support local

Support small businesses / farmers, shop for local produce and shop seasonally, if possible, and compost any food that doesn't get eaten. Check with your local city/town officials to see if there are any local food recycling programs near you.

Bite tip: We know access to local and seasonal produce can be a challenge, and are smitten by the power of community in providing food while preventing food waste through community fridges. We've been seeing them pop-up in New York City and Los Angeles, and if you find more - please let us know!

3. Swap plastic for bamboo cutlery  

Shared by Isaias Hernandez | Environmental Educator | @QueerBrownVegan

Isaiah's #1 Tip:
I use bamboo cutlery whenever I go outside to have a solo picnic and kitchen, it's very easy and simple to use!

Recycling more plastic, more frequently reduces it's footprint. However, a whopping 91 percent of all plastic isn't recycled at ALL. Instead, it ends up in landfills, or the environment. 

4. And more from Instagram ✨

The Bite community knows what's up. We had tons of comments come in through Instagram when we asked what your tips were for a plastic-free kitchen! For more tips like these from your fellow plastic-free peeps, give us a follow



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