5 Steps to a More Sustainable, Plastic-Free Office

5 Steps to a More Sustainable, Plastic-Free Office

Did you ever think about the environmental impact of the office supplies that you use on a daily basis? Okay now, times that by the number of people who work at your company... Think hundreds or thousands of people using pens, pencils, disposable cups, tea bags and more without having to consider the environmental impact of those items. That's someone else's job!

If there's an overlooked culprit for hidden plastics, the office is up there. Nowadays, chances are you're not even going into an office, and have to make these decisions yourself, and we bet sustainability is the last thing on your mind when you just need more post-its!Β 

One silver-lining of working from home is that you have the choice to make better choices for yourself and the planet. It is your job! And if or when you go back to the office, you can tell your office admin about all of these sustainable swaps you made at home, and the impact they can have on a larger scale.

Here are some talking points for ya to take back to work:

"Some premium tea bags may be leaking billions of microplastics into your beverage." - Forbes.com

"Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean." - World Economic Forum

"About 2.5 billion coffee cups end up in landfills every year." - Friends of the Earth

"By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish." - Earthday.org

Now that you're geared up with knowledge, we're hear to gear you up with eco-friendly swaps for your workplace. Now, we're not saying to throw everything out and buy new replacements. Instead, remember the 4 R's, and then reference this post (a fifth R?!) when you're ready (a sixth?!) to shop sustainably for your desk or workspace.

Cut out the Hidden Plastics in Your Office

1. The Coffee Station

Instead of: To-go coffee cups
Try this: An awesome reusable cup

Instead of: Plastic coffee drippers
Try this: Glass, porcelain, or stone pour overs

2. The T on Tea bags

What's in your tea? Honey, milk? How about billions of microplastics? Studies have found that some premium tea bags might be leaking millions of microplastics into your beverage.

Instead of: Tea bags
Try this: Loose leaf!

3. Meal prep

Instead of: Take out, pre-packaged meals
Try this: Meal prep in the AM in reusable containers
Also try this: Signing up for a local CSA (community sponsored agriculture) or produce delivery service like Imperfect Foods that cuts down on food waste and saves you shopping time.

4. Sustainable office supplies

Instead of: Plastic pens
Try this: Sprout pencils! Plantable Sprout pencils can grow into plants like luscious flowers, fragrant herbs and fresh vegetables once they’re too short to use.

Instead of: Plastic tape
Try this: Paper tape

Instead of: Poly mailers
Try this: Eco-friendly mailers.

5. Composting at home

Instead of: Throwing out food scraps
Try this: A home compost setup or a local service that picks up office compost. Bite HQ uses CompostableLA, a service that safely picks up office compost and brings back a clean new bin!

    Tips from the Bite team πŸ‘‹

    πŸ‚ "Loose leaf Yerba Mate brewed in a coffee press." - Lindsay, Founder & CEO

    🍱 "Meal prepping lunch in the AM in reusable containers to avoid ordering in & excess packaging." - Destiny, Mktg

    πŸ‹ "Homemade yogurt in glass jars with homemade meyer lemon curd." - Greg, Ops & (Yogurt Operations)

    β˜•οΈ "Making cold brew coffee the night before." - Asher, Co-Founder

    🌱 "A personal favorite: Sprout pencils instead of plastic pens!" - Julie, Social & Content

    Find our complete guide to a plastic-free kitchen for the full low-down on sustainable swaps for your kitchen, and let us know what sustainable options you've found for your home office!

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