6 Best Zero Waste Products

6 Best Zero Waste Products

When it comes to products that we use every day, there are so many zero waste options that are out there for us to discover. From plastic-free razors and makeup to stainless steel water bottles and metal straws, there are many things we can do to reduce waste. 

Even small changes like trying bar soap, a shampoo bar, or a conditioner bar can make a big difference. Before we get into the best zero waste products, what exactly does it mean to shop for zero waste products?

What Does It Mean To Shop Zero Waste?

In order to practice zero waste, resources must be used sparingly and consciously in a way that centers their conservation. Every step of the production cycle does not result in any pollution or trash being added to the environment as a result. As a product is being made and shipped, it at no point poses any threat to either the environment or human health.

Shopping zero waste means that you are mindfully deciding to patronize stores committed to helping the environment rather than hurting it. So many corporations nowadays will carelessly use and waste perfectly good resources for the sake of keeping up with demand and making a profit. It is true that much of the current state of climate change is a result of large corporations and their disregard for the planet, but there are things that we can do both as individuals and in society.

Beyond making choices that slightly alter our daily routine in the name of sustainability (using a compost bin, utilizing public transportation, cutting down on air travel, etc.), we must remember that money talks. Where you decide to spend your hard-earned money sends a definite message to companies. 

By doing the necessary research and knowing what companies are zero-waste, plastic-free, or otherwise put sustainability at the forefront of their business, you can make a real difference.

It is certainly true that these products are significantly better for the environment than their non-sustainable counterparts, they also work just as well. Not only that but they are often made in a more ethically sound way during every stage of production. The environment is treated better, employees are treated better, and many of these companies are also cruelty-free and vegan.

Of course, look into specific products and companies and do thorough research on the issues that are important to you. 

What Are the Best Zero Waste Products?

So clearly, it is important to shop for zero waste products that do not contribute any extra waste and pollution to the environment. Now that we know that, how can we put this into action? What are some of the best products available that go with a zero-waste lifestyle, and how can they benefit both you and the planet?

Many zero-waste alternative products serve as excellent replacements for the daily necessities you likely already use. Because of this, they are perfect and easy swaps that are better for you and your planet.


When you truly think about it, few personal care products may use plastic in their packaging and applicators quite as much as a deodorant. The actual product is housed in a large, completely unnecessary plastic case, and a plastic mechanism is used to raise the product as it gets used. . 

This over-abundance and overuse of plastic render these deodorants nearly the opposite of zero waste, as plastic waste is so deeply ingrained in what they are and how they work. 

Since this is the way deodorant has been produced for so long, it can be hard to imagine another way that is equally as effective. Luckily, there are some great eco-friendly alternatives available. The best of these options will also contain a plastic-free formula that is instead all-natural and clean. That is where Deodorant by Bite stands out above the rest.

Our deodorant  case is entirely reusable, sustainable, and plastic-free, and all deodorant refills are sent in compostable packaging. Once you receive your deodorant refill, it can be easily placed into the original, aesthetically pleasing case. The deodorant itself doesn’t contain any aluminum, palm oil, or baking soda. In their place, it uses shea butter, coconut oil, and more natural ingredients.

Whitening Gel

Our smiles are one of the most beautiful things about us.. If you want your smile to be a little bit whiter, whitening gel might be the perfect option for you. You may associate teeth whitening with complicated dental procedures or at-home strips of single-use plastics, but there is a much more eco-friendly option. 

Skip the dentist and help the environment by using Bite’s Whitening Gel, a convenient zero-waste kit. It is complete with plastic-free, baking soda-free, totally clean gel in little  glass jars, as well as a compostable applicator brush that you use to apply the gel to your teeth. Use it twice a day for fourteen days, and watch as your smile gets brighter and brighter with each passing use.

Toothpaste Bits

Plastic toothpaste tubes are single-use and can’t be refilled, meaning that they are quickly disposed of. This leads to them contributing significantly to the over five trillion pieces of plastic polluting our oceans, which in total weighs over 250,000 tons. 

This amount of plastic poses a huge threat to marine life, the delicate ecosystems that make up our oceans, and humans alike.

Clearly, this is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. At the same time, our oral hygiene cannot fall by the wayside. What is the solution to this problem, you ask? Toothpaste tablets are here to save the day! 

Bite’s Toothpaste Bits are toothpaste tablets that work wonders to prevent cavities, surface stain, and plaque build-up and promote whitening while fighting off bad breath. At the same time, they are  also packaged in minimalist jars, meaning that the packaging can be used and reused over time. Eventually, when the jar has lived out its natural life cycle, it can be recycled and returned to the earth where it came from.

Toothpaste Bits come in three refreshing and natural flavors: fresh mint, mint charcoal, and berry twist. They are all plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and contain only clean ingredients that are proven to be great for your oral health.

Mouthwash Bits

Next on the list for oral hygiene comes the all-important mouthwash. Mouthwash greatly helps to freshen breath while also helping to rinse food particles away from spots that may be missed by brushing alone. Unfortunately, most mouthwash comes in large plastic containers that are designedbe disposed of after just one use. 

Even if these plastic bottles can be recycled, plastic never entirely breaks down. It is simply breaking down  into smaller and smaller pieces until it forms something known as microplastics. Microplastics are less than five millimeters long and often come from larger pieces of plastics that have broken down or from microbeads used in everything from face wash to toothpaste. 

Microplastics are still very harmful to wildlife and our oceans, so while they may be better than large plastic shards, it isn’t by much. Adding microplastics to the environment is never a concern when it comes to Bite’s Mouthwash Bits. Like ourToothpaste Bits, these are sent to you in a glass jar, and refills are sent in compostable pouches delivered to your doorstep. 

Dental Floss

We all love to hate it; next up is dental floss. Most floss is held in a plastic case, but the floss itself is actually made of nylon, another type of plastic. This is why it was so important to us at Bite to make a floss that is not only made of something other than plastic but made with all-natural ingredients (candelilla wax) that can be composted.

Bite’s Dental Floss is available in singles or in a package of two, meaning you will have plenty of floss in the future. We’re sure this is something both you and your dentist will rejoice about, and when you do need more, your new shipment will arrive in a compostable package to be transferred to the original glass jar.  

Bamboo Toothbrushes

There would be no tooth brushing without something to brush with, and rather than contributing to the waste already overwhelming our planet with a plastic toothbrush,  we at Bite offer a bamboo toothbrush that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. The bristles are made of castor beans, while the handle is Moso Bamboo, meaning that the entire brush is totally compostable.

How Is Bite Sustainable?

Other than our zero waste products, we are also sure to be sustainable in every different step of our production cycle.

We Avoid Plastic

Each part of our process is completely plastic-free, from our products to how they’re made to our shipping materials.

We Use Compostable Envelopes

We mentioned our plastic-free shipping materials, but now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty. We ship our products to you in compostable envelopes, so you can toss our packaging right into a compost bin rather than into the trash.

Our Boxes Are Made of Recycled Cardboard

For larger orders, we use cardboard that has been recycled and can be again. You may be wondering how these boxes stay together. The answer is with paper tape that is perfectly adhesive, structurally sound, and also biodegradable.

We Send Compostable Refill Pouches

When it comes to getting more of your Toothpaste Bits, dental floss, deodorant, or another one of Bite’s products, the packaging that it comes in is completely compostable. Just remove your product and place it in the reusable glass jar from your first shipment, then compost the rest. It’s that simple!

We Ship with Existing Postal Routes

Rather than contributing to the staggering amounts of fuel waste and air pollution associated with rapid shipment, we use existing postal routes, so no extra resources are wasted. This means you will always get your shipment just when you need it, but you won’t be doing any extra damage to the environment in the process.


We can and should all do our part to help the environment recover from the already devastating effects of pollution. If we all work together, we can help the environment not only survive but thrive.


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