A Beginners Guide to Natural Teeth Whitening

A Beginners Guide to Natural Teeth Whitening

 SOS My teeth are stained! What are they trying to tell me and how do I proceed? 

As a general rule of thumb- If you haven't gotten a cleaning in a while, or are simultaneously experiencing any oral pain you should head to your dentist for an exam. Plaque (a pesky film made up of bacteria) and tartar (the result of not removing the pesky film) can cause stains and discoloration. If these two are left untreated, they can result in serious health implications like gum disease, so go get it checked out! 

If you are regularly going to the dentist (we are talking every 6 months) and maintaining a consistent oral care routine, whitening may be your answer. Whitening is a cosmetic practice that lifts stains from the surface of your teeth. Many whitening treatments contain harsh chemicals and additives, but stick around and find out how to whiten teeth naturally with us. There is a lot of information and unknowns in the world of whitening- let's delve deeper and answer some common questions. 

 Why Do I Experience Sensitive Teeth After Whitening? 

 If you are wondering what causes tooth sensitivity post whitening, you are not alone. Both hydrogen and carbamide peroxide are top tier natural whiteners and can cause sensitivity for some teeth. Most over-the-counter and in-office whitening treatments strive to whiten teeth fast, aka, a higher concentration of peroxide. While our whitening gel is also peroxide based (we can’t deny it’s goodness), it is a favorite amongst those with sensitive teeth as the formula is gentle and provides whiter teeth over the course of 2 weeks. Not only does our formula prioritize painless teeth whitening, it is free of all nasty chemicals and toxins. Natural teeth whitening ftw🎉

 Let’s Talk Stain Prevention  

By understanding the roots and causes of stains, you can alter your habits to maximize whitening results. 

There’s no way to sugar (or agave) coat this: coffee stains teeth

 Not only is coffee highly acidic (resulting in enamel erosion) it also contains ingredients called tannins which are notorious for staining pearly whites.Don’t fret- having yellow teeth from coffee does not mean you must ditch the oat milk latte. Using a (reusable) straw and rinsing your mouth out with water after drinking are 2 ways to minimize stains. 

Wine stained teeth are also incredibly common as wine contains tannins as well. It is a  common misconception that only red wine stains teeth. Since wine tannins are found in the skin of the grapes, no type of wine is free of them. Similar to coffee, make sure to rinse your mouth within 30 minutes of your last drink. Additionally, be sure to NEVER drink coffee after wine as your softened enamel will be extra vulnerable to stains. 

Stain Prevention with nHap and Xylitol

Both of these ingredients are used for health purposes but also give the cosmetic benefit of whiter teeth. 

nHap (nano-Hydroxyapatite if you’re feeling fancy) has been shown to remove plaque and restore smoothness and density to enamel. The removal of plaque is what results in whiter and brighter teeth. Not only is nHap regarded to whiten teeth without damage, it is also said to leave your mouth healthier and feeling cleaner.  

Xylitol is a sugar free sweetener that you’ve probably seen listed on a pack of gum or breath mints. How does xylitol whiten teeth while also providing a sweet flavor? Similar to nHap, Xylitol can whiten by killing pesky mouth bacteria that results in plaque buildup and staining. 

Both of these whitening ingredients can be found right in our toothpaste bits, making whitening as easy as brushing your teeth. Our toothpaste bits serve as a teeth whitening alternative for those who want to avoid cosmetic treatment altogether. 

Switch to a Soft Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush

The simplest solution to the age old question- how do I get whiter teeth

By brushing twice a day with a soft bristle bamboo toothbrush, our soft bristle bamboo toothbrush to be precise ;)

 The brush is made out of bamboo and castor bean, some of the earths most sustainable resources. The soft bristles allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies of your mouth, giving the bacteria no place to go but out. When you get the bacteria out, your teeth stay whiter and plaque free. 

It is recommended to brush with your toothbrush tilted at a 45 degree angle to assure maximum gum cleaning. Additionally, breaking your mouth into 4 quadrants and spending 30 seconds per. Although brushing your teeth may feel like a monotonous activity that requires little effort, staying present is key to assuring a thorough clean. 

Whitening Teeth With Activated Charcoal 

The practice of using activated charcoal for teeth whitening has been rising in popularity over the past few years amongst dentists and beauty gurus alike. The stain removing power of charcoal lies in its granular makeup. The coarse grains safely scrub the stains off your teeth, some studies even link charcoal to positive changes in enamel (link). Activated charcoal traditionally comes as a messy powder that can stain your sink and carry all around your bathroom. That is why we combined our Mint Bits formula with activated charcoal- to give you mess free options to get your teeth whiter naturally 

Whitening With Peroxide 

As we mentioned earlier, we are big proponents of whitening with peroxide. That being said, the precise ratio of active to non active ingredients is essential to mitigate and prevent sensitive teeth after whitening. So instead of just grabbing a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, leave the science to us and rest easy knowing that our formula is much more gentle than most options out there. 

Bite Whitening Gel 

Not only is our whitening gel a favorite amongst those with a history of sensitive teeth- it’s also zero waste and a highly tasteful addition to any bathroom countertop. 

How To Whiten Teeth with our Gel: 

  1. Brush your pearly whites
  2. Pat your teeth dry with a clean towel
  3. Dip the bamboo brush applicator into the gel and paint a thin coat on each tooth 
  4. Smile at yourself in the mirror (or a nearby friend) for 2 minutes. This is where the magic happens. 
  5. Rinse and repeat 2 times a day for 14 days. 

Voila! Just like that you have whiter teeth without any of the nasty side effects of what else is out there. We understand whitening treatment isn’t for everyone which is why we at Bite offer a wide variety of zero waste personal care products for all your unique smile needs. 

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