A Better Beginner's Guide to Going Plastic Free this July

A Better Beginner's Guide to Going Plastic Free this July

Plastic Free July starts TODAY and it’s even more special this year as it’s the 10th anniversary (which is awesome but also kind of not-awesome as that means our planet’s plastic problem has been around for over a decade)?!

The past few months have been brutal on our collective Plastic Free Revolution.

Grocery stores are not allowing reusable bags, bulk bins are swapped out for portioned-out plastic bags, food delivery is in plastic containers, and we don’t even want to get started on the small plastic bottles of hand sanitizer that have been piling up in our houses and cars.

But what feels like a step back, we believe can be turned into a much needed step in a new and better direction. As we all begin to get back to the basics of our plastic-free and low-waste routines, we have the chance to rebuild this space in a new way… a way that is more inclusive, more diverse and more accessible to everyone — and that’s what we here at Bite want to kick into action this month.

We're getting back to our plastic free roots but giving them all new ways to bloom. We will be prioritizing brands, products, tips and tricks that will be helpful to a variety of different backgrounds, lifestyles, budgets and interests in an effort to make this #PlasticFreeJuly (and a plastic free lifestyle in general) accessible to everyone.

What you'll see from us here, along with more guides, and tips from the community, is us meeting you where you are — in your home.

Here's the plan:

Take the #PlasticFreePledge: Swap out one item per week in your home (or put the plan in place to swap once you run out) for a plastic-free alternative throughout the month.

While our actions may seem small, collectively they add up to make a big difference for people and the planet. And don't worry, we'll be here to give lots of help, encouragement as well as practical tips and checklists (who doesn't love a good checklist?) throughout the month.

✨ Week 1: Accept the challenge! Comment to let us know: where do you want to swap out plastic the most in your home? What's your pain point? Let it out and vent!

☕️ Week 2: Plastic-free kitchen basics - we'll go over how to make sustainable and plastic free swaps for the most used room in your house.

💻 Week 3: Home is where the office is - setting up a plastic-free home office is a job within itself, follow our guide for easy tips and tricks.

🚻 Week 4: Better Basics for a more sustainable closet, bedroom, and bathroom - you know, where the magic happens.

🏆 Post-July: Continuing the #PlasticFreePledge - why stop now? Keep the momentum going, and continue ditching plastic with us throughout the year!

We can't do this without you (literally) so let's start digging into the plastic-filled habits we've all fallen into over these past few months and start rebuilding our better, plastic-free basics, together!

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