Teeth Whitening Gel: All You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Gel: All You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening products have been around for years, touting miracle ingredients that naturally and safely whiten teeth. These products all have one goal: to make your pearly whites shine bright. 

Some people visit a professional to get their teeth whitened, while others opt for at-home whitening options. Regardless of which method is used, ingredients vary across products and treatments, and they aren’t always natural or safe. 

Bite offers at-home solutions for whitening teeth (which has been pretty convenient during COVID-times). Unlike other brands, Bite has stepped up to the challenge to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable teeth whitening agent that not only soothes teeth but protects them, too. 

People who want to whiten their teeth can feel confident using Bite’s Whitening Gel at home, knowing that the ingredients have been well-researched and tested. And, with the bonus of promoting sustainability

Why Do People Whiten Their Teeth?

We can name several reasons someone would want to whiten their teeth. Teeth stains develop over time, and they aren’t the most pleasant feature to look at when someone smiles. That’s where teeth whitening products step in to save the day.

Some people decide to whiten their teeth when they need a quick fix for an event. While whitening teeth once won’t produce the same effects as doing it for an extended period, it can add an extra layer of brightness that photographs well and boosts confidence. Other people who might whiten their teeth are long-time smokers who have since quit and are looking to brighten the smile that has become discolored from years of smoking–or even just months–of smoking. 

No matter why someone decides to whiten their teeth, teeth whitening gel is just one product that can help us achieve the bright smiles that bring out our best selves. Sometimes feeling good is about looking good.

Before trying a teeth whitening gel, there are a few points about teeth stains that are worth noting. 

How Do Teeth Stains Form?

Teeth can stain for many reasons. Certain foods and drinks like coffee and tea contribute to teeth discoloration long term. Aging teeth also just tend to discolor over time, regardless of eating habits. Even with brushing and flossing, discoloration can persist, and that can be frustrating. 

Teeth absorb the colors from the foods in our diet. Every time we drink coffee or eat darker food, like chocolate, our teeth absorb the color. It’s recommended to brush after each meal to help prevent discoloration.

If brushing, flossing, and mouthwash don’t give the best brightening results, consider using Bite Whitening Gel. Like food and drink, the gel is absorbed into the teeth, and it promotes a whiter smile.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

In short, teeth whitening is safe and doesn’t post any harmful side effects besides gum irritation (which can easily be avoided). Teeth whitening products use activated ingredients to open up the tooth’s pores and absorb the stain-causing particles, resulting in a brighter smile. Teeth can remineralize after each whitening, and remineralization revitalizes and rehydrates teeth.

It’s always best to talk with a dentist before using at-home teeth whitening products just to ensure there aren’t any concerns with gum sensitivity. 

Teeth Sensitivity Is Normal

After teeth whitening, teeth can be more sensitive to substances like food and drink. The whitening process can dehydrate teeth, making them more sensitive to temperature changes. This shouldn’t last more than 36 hours after a whitening treatment, so during that time, it’s best to stick to foods that are at a moderate temperature. 

It’s best to avoid putting teeth whitening gel on gums because it can irritate them. The longer teeth whitening products are used, the fewer side effects as teeth become more accustomed to the process. 

Many customers with sensitive teeth love our whitening gel, saying it doesn’t irritate their teeth or cause as much sensitivity as other whitening kits.

Teeth Whitening Takes Time

The teeth whitening process isn’t a race – it’s a journey. Most teeth whitening products take at least a week to begin to show any results. It’s important to remember that whitening gel doesn’t protect against stains but rather lifts the existing stains from the teeth. Consistent dental hygiene is key to whitening results that last longer.

A professional whitening job will produce results almost immediately after a 90-minute session, generally speaking. But at-home teeth whitening doesn’t happen overnight, and an overnight fix won’t give long-lasting results that truly make an impact, anyway. 

Most people who use at-home whitening gel begin to see results within a few weeks, but only if it has the chance to sit on the teeth for the appropriate amount of time. 

Bite’s Teeth Whitening Gel

No matter how well we brush our teeth, some stains can’t be removed with toothpaste alone. People who want to try an at-home teeth whitening kit should consider using Bite’s Teeth Whitening Gel. It’s a great way to help remove existing stains and prevent the appearance of future stains. 

Bite’s Teeth Whitening Gel contains natural ingredients that are safe and soothing to teeth and gums. Our whitening gel contains aloe vera, which calms the teeth and gums, as well as peppermint oil for a refreshing minty taste. 

Not only is this gel excellent for whitening teeth, but it’s also safe for the environment. All Bite products are 100% plastic-free, vegan, and gluten-free. 

Our mission at Bite is to ensure our products can be 100% recycled, reused, or composted. We don’t want to add to the seemingly never-ending environmental issues humans have created. 

We deliver sustainable, healthy, and natural products to our consumers in glass jars with aluminum lids. We never use plastic in any of our packaging to help prevent more waste from polluting our planet. Glass jars, unlike plastic containers, are recyclable and reusable and properly break down into sand at the end of their life. Bite uses recycled envelopes with newspaper padding to avoid the use of plastic within the shipping process. This makes our shipping packaging compostable and fully recyclable. 

The Takeaway

For a new at-home whitening kit, Bite’s Whitening Gel is a great place to start. Buying a Bite kit means contributing to reducing plastic waste that pollutes our oceans and landfills. Bite products are delivered in packages that are 100% recyclable and plastic-free. Get a bright, white smile and protect our planet for future generations at the same time? Count us in.



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