Non-Mint Toothpaste: The Best Flavors of 2021

Non-Mint Toothpaste: The Best Flavors of 2021

While there is a vast range of habits included in daily personal care routines, It’s safe to say (at least we hope) that brushing our teeth is one we all have in common. Brushing is necessary to remove food and plaque (a pesky bacteria filled residue) and to keep that mask break bearable. However, if you are not a fan of mint toothpaste, those 2x daily brushes can be quite unpleasant. 

Nearly all toothpaste options readily available to us are spearmint, peppermint, or some other minty variation (there’s more types than you’d think). While for many people this taste is refreshing, others find the mint aftertaste less than ideal.

Wanting a non mint flavor is something shared by kids and adults alike for a myriad of reasons. For some, it is simply a matter of personal preference. The mint flavor may be too aggressive for some as they wind down for bed. 

Others may find the taste irritating, either physically or mentally. Some people have mint allergies or sensitivities that make it a less than ideal choice to brush with twice a day. In certain cases, people report a burning sensation due to an overpowering mint taste such as peppermint oil. Even those without mint sensitivity may have experienced the intensity of drinking a cold glass of water after a minty brush. 

The good news is that while mint toothpaste represents the majority of the oral care market, there are other great (and delicious) options for you to try.

Why Should We Choose Non-Mint Toothpaste?

We have covered a few of the reasons you may have a distaste for mint: personal preference, irritation, sensitivity (which results in a burning sensation) and more. If any of these are the case for you, a non-mint toothpaste is the way to go! 

Or maybe you have no trouble with mint, and you just want a fun, sweet brushing experience that tastes like fruit or candy (we can’t blame you) Delicious toothpaste flavors also encourage kids to brush their teeth. Who doesn’t want something that tastes like candy and is actually good for your teeth?

The truth is that toothpaste does not have to be mint flavored to be good for you. 

Mint-free toothpaste can be just as effective in cleaning your teeth, rebuilding enamel, combatting surface stains, and fighting cavities. There is no correlation between the flavor of the toothpaste and the effectiveness of the final product; it is often just a matter of taste. Meaning that all the non-mint alternatives will look after your teeth just as well and leave you much more comfortable in the process. A win-win for everyone. 

The key is to look at the ingredients your mint-free toothpaste contains sas that is the greatest indicator of its effecticityaste for a reason, free of unnecessary additives and plastics. Each ingredient should be included to serve a purpose, making it free of unnecessary additives, ingredients, and plastics (yup, many toothpastes contain plastic in the actual paste)

What Should We Look for in Non-Mint Toothpaste?

When commencing your search for the best non-mint toothpaste, flavor will be a high priority and should be catered to the unique preferences of your tastebuds. Beyond that, there are a few additional factors to consider to assure that you find your perfect non-mint toothpaste.

It is essential to make sure that the ethics and morals of the company you are buying from align with yours- and that they operate with them in mind. Beyond that, checking each ingredient to assure that they are in the paste for a reason is necessary to avoid additives and chemicals. 

In short, make sure to do your research and determine what differently flavored toothpaste would work best for you and your specific needs. It can also be worthwhile to look for dentist recommendations.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Here is an example of a company’s morals and values aligning with yours. By researching products, company's and testing processes, you can determine which toothpastes are cruelty free and vegan. Holding the wellbeing of animals in high regard is part of being sustainable and caring for our planet. 

A cruelty-free product may not be vegan, and a vegan product may not be cruelty-free. There are certainly products that can be and are both, so do you research and advocate for animals by practicing intentional consumption. 

Naturally Whitening

You do not need a whole host of unpronounceable ingredients to achieve a toothpaste formula that naturally whitens. There are naturally whitening components that can be used instead of formulating the gel with harsh, lab made chemicals. In fact, if done correctly, a whitening formula will not even negatively impact tooth sensitivity. 

Clean Ingredients

“Clean” and “Clean Ingredients” have become buzzwords that have a wide array of meanings. Many products that are labeled as such often contain ingredients that are still detrimental to our health and planet. Be sure to do your research so that your products are Clean in a way that feels good to you. 

Whether that means Xylitol instead of artificial sweeteners, only having plant derived materials, or is sulfate free, you are bound to find the right product for you. 

Decide what you need in your non-mint toothpaste and what needs to stay out. This will make the shopping process much easier and far less overwhelming. 

As we mentioned earlier, not only is most toothpaste held in a tube of plastic, there is actual plastic in the paste! The plastic is in the form of environment-harming microplastics (we will touch more on these later). By researching your toothpaste options, you can assure your brushing isn’t adding plastic to our oceans or your body.  

Since the plastic is often in the paste, you must read the ingredients to assure it truly is plastic free. 

Zero Waste

What does taking plastic-free one step further look like? Zero waste!. Being zero waste means that a company or product does not contribute any kind of waste to the environment in operations. A zero-waste toothpaste is made without any harm to the planet at any point in its cycle. 

Great for Sensitive Teeth

Those with sensitive teeth are likely used to having to read the ingredients in a toothpaste very closely. These kinds of toothpaste often contain even more chemicals, but they would be better off going more natural in reality. 

Nano-Hydroxyapatite, or N-Hap for short, is a naturally-derived ingredient that replaces fluoride in toothpaste. It also does wonders to fight against tooth sensitivity.

What Are the Best Non-Mint Toothpaste Flavors?

The best toothpaste flavors are natural, which is why mint quickly rose to popularity 

Even if minty fresh isn’t your thing, there are lots of alternative natural flavors that you might find perfect for toothpaste.

Cinnamon is easily the second most popular toothpaste flavor behind mint- but it poses very similar issues for many. If you have a sensitive mouth or pallette, chances are you will find that cinnamon-flavored toothpastes result in the same burning sensation. Luckily we are Bite have you covered for your non-mint and non-cinnamon toothpaste alternatives. 

Berry Twist

We happen to know a delicious non-mint toothpaste flavor. It has a mild hint of refreshing mint (no burning sensations, we promise), it’s sweet, fruity and all natural- it’s our Berry Twist Toothpaste Bits

Berry twist is made without any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Instead, it’s simplyclean notes of fruits (berries and citrus to be exact). The sweetness makes these fluoride-free Bits perfect for anyone looking for safe children’s toothpaste. 

At the same time, the plentiful benefits of these Bits, such as being paraben-free, aiding in tartar control, and lacking harsh dyes, make them ideal for any age.

What Else Do We Need In Our Oral Care Arsenal?

We have the non-mint toothpaste covered, so what about the rest of your oral care routine? Here at Bite we have your back, our products covering all aspects of a complete oral care routine. We aim to keep your beautiful, shining smile for many years to come. 

By the way, if you ever get curious about mint flavors or start to enjoy them more, Bite also offers Fresh Mint and Mint Charcoal toothpaste flavors. After all, our palates do change over time, so you never know what might work best for you in the future!

A Great Toothbrush

So what are we going to use to brush with our naturally whitening toothpaste?. Sustainability is crucial to us, along with offering you the highest quality product possible. We found the best of both worlds in Brush, By Bite.

These toothbrushes are 100 percent compostable. They contain totally natural, clean ingredients. For instance, the soft yet powerful bristles that massage your gums while helping to combat tooth decay, plaque, and cavity-causing bacteria are made of castor beans. 

The brush’s handle is made of Moso Bamboo, allowing for a sturdy yet comfortable grip. The toothbrush can also be separated into two parts for easy portability. 

Our brushes are 100 percent plastic-free, just like everything else we offer. 


Next in the rotation, we have the ever-important flossing. While it may not be all of our favorite ways to pass the time, it is an integral step in keeping your mouth healthy. It is often the least glamorous among us that are the most helpful,and this is where floss comes in.

All of this becomes a bit more challenging when you realize that most traditional dental floss is actually made of plastic. More specifically, floss is usually made out of nylon, a plastic polymer originally crafted to use in building parachutes. That is not exactly the kind of thing we want between our teeth.

Since traditional floss is plastic, packed in plastic, it will inevitably end up polluting our landfills and oceans. We saw the way floss was being made and decided  there has to be a better way. So we found one!

Bite’s Dental Floss Two-Pack comes with a glass jar that is simultaneously stylish, minimalist, refillable, and recyclable. The floss itself is compostable, so the days of throwing plastic in the trash to harm marine life are long gone. 

Good news for those who aren’t big mint fans: our floss is not flavored or scented! This means that you are just getting the benefits you need without any of the fluff. 

Mouthwash Bits

To many, a morning or nighttime oral care routine is not complete without a refreshing mouthwash. The only issue is that typical mouthwash generally comes in large plastic bottles that, in the end, you are forced to either throw out or recycle. 

Unfortunately, plastic can never be fully recycled, so it becomes smaller and smaller pieces that are eventually known as microplastics.

Microplastics are extremely harmful to marine life and the ocean as a whole, so it is absolutely best to avoid plastics of all types and sizes however possible. This means greatly diminishing and eventually eliminating our plastic use. At Bite we are doing our  part in this fight by offering our Mouthwash Bits.

Mouthwash Bits also come in an aesthetically pleasing glass jar that can be refilled. After your first jar, all following shipments will come in a portable and convenient pouch that is completely compostable.

Whitening Gel

To top it all off, Bite offers an all-natural, plant-based, and recyclable Teeth Whitening Gel. This kit comes with the whitening formula in a recyclable glass jar, as well as a compostable applicator brush. Use the brush to thoroughly paint each tooth with the gel, smile for two minutes (admire those beautiful teeth), rinse off any excess and you’re all set!

Where Can I Shop for Sustainable Oral Care?

We know a place 😉Bite is a fantastic place to shop for all your sustainable oral care needs. From toothpaste to your toothbrush to mouthwash, we always have your back (and your teeth!). We also have the planets back, so you can rest easy knowing your oral care is zero waste. 

All of our products are sustainably shipped directly to your door, meaning that the process of purchasing your oral care products could not be any easier.


Finding your perfect non-mint toothpaste flavor can be easy if you know what you are looking for. For a natural option that gets your teeth clean and your taste buds singing, our refreshing Berry Twist flavor will delight palates of all ages. 



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