Help our Planet Break Free From Plastic

Help our Planet Break Free From Plastic

Take a look around you- what do you see? 

Regardless of where you are in the world it is likely that it is plastic, plastic everywhere. The production of plastic products has gone up exponentially in recent years due to its relatively inexpensive manufacturing costs. The low price tag comes at a great expense however as plastic is polluting our air, oceans and was even recently found for the first time in human blood

In 2018 alone, 308 million tons of plastic were produced. This staggering number is predicted to double by 2050. For reference, a ton is about the same weight as a male polar bear (pretty dang heavy). 

Sure some plastic is labeled as recyclable but only around 12% of plastic is actually recycled. Plastic also has a lifespan of over 500 years- so it’s not going anywhere in our lifetimes. 

While we at Bite are huge proponents of making sustainable swaps to reduce personal plastic use- The real power lies within big corporations. These corporations are doing very little to change their practices, as profit is deemed more important than the health of the earth and its inhabitants. It is time for a sweeping change in government infrastructure, corporations and consumer behavior.

Although we as individuals have little say in large scale production operations, congress does. Bold federal legislation has the power to take on climate change and with enough support, this may be a tangible and near possibility. 


The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2021(BFFPPA) is the most comprehensive set of policy solutions to ever enter congress. If this bill passes it will result in plastic reduction strategies implemented across all states- which is big (like really big). Some of the key actions in BFFPPA

-Prohibiting shipping plastic waste to other countries- which disproportionately harms those in economically developing nations 

-Banning the use of multiple single use plastic items 

-Increasing budget for recycling and composting programs 

-Establishing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) which holds plastic manufacturers responsible for managing their own recycling and disposal programs 

-Requiring plastic producers to clearly label whether each product is recyclable or not 

While BFFPPA has been shown support by congress it has remained stagnant for sometime which is where we come in. 

This Earth Day 

On April 22nd, our 52nd International Mother Earth Day, we are asking our customers, friends and allies to send a letter to your representative showing them your support for BFFPPA. We are making this as easy by adding a pre-filled message to our website. All you need to do is enter your location and your letter will be directed straight to your local rep. As a thank you for your support we are offering our first and only ever sale. All products will be 25% off for everyone that writes in showing their support. 

Earth Day celebrations began 52 years ago to raise awareness on the harmful practices impacting our planet. There is no better way to honor our earth and celebrate its beauty than by using your voice to enact real, groundbreaking change. 

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