Introducing Mouthwash Bits by Bite: 3 Reasons to Make the Swish

Introducing Mouthwash Bits by Bite: 3 Reasons to Make the Swish

The perfect mouthwash exists and... it's a tablet. Our revolutionary mouthwash Bits are the first mouthwash tablet of its kind to include nHAp (nano-hydroxyapatite), a non-toxic fluoride alternative that's loved by dentists. So not only will your breath be bangin', your teeth will be shining with our pocket-friendly, road trip ready, tiny travel tins that fit our mouthwash bits perfectly.

We're about to blow your mouthwash-bottled mind... with math.


Yeah. And we have the receipts.

Example: One 16 oz bottle of natural mouthwash is 473mL. The dosing instructions on the back of the bottle say to use 20mL of mouthwash per use.

Take 473, divide it by 20mL and you have 23.6 uses per bottle. That means an entire bottle of mouthwash is equivalent to just 24 Bits. 🀯

Because math is so fun, let's dive a little Bit deeper.

Statistically, most people use mouthwash in the morning meaning our supply of 124 bits that comes in a 2 oz. refillable glass jar will last the average person four months and is equivalent to five 16 fl oz plastic mouthwash bottles.

That is a lot of savings in both space and plastic. Not to mention, you'll be saving money by getting more swish for your buck.

And It's Not Just Plastic That's The Problem

Excessive plastic packaging isn't the only bummer about your mouthwash.

Most commercial mouthwash is full of preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes. Mouthwash is heavy to ship, requiring more carbon emissions to move around and is clunky to travel with.

Plus antibacterial mouthwash kills both good and bad bacteria, leaving the mouth unable to maintain its natural balance and alcohol-based mouthwash that can cause dry mouth and can lead teeth to be more easily stained and susceptible to cavities and decay due to the loss of protective mucous and saliva. Yeah, not great.

Our Bits are made with xylitol, isomalt, calcium carbonate, erythritol, natural mint flavor, sodium bicarbonate, hydroxyapatitie, and guar gum. Meaning not only are they better for Mama Earth (no plastic packaging, infinitely refillable) but they're better for you mouth and body too.

It's Easy as Bite, Sip, Swish!

Bite down on a Bit, Sip a bit of water - the Bit will break up and turn into a refreshing mouthwash - Swish the mouthwash around your mouth and in between your teeth for at least 30+ seconds then Spit as normal (our mouthwash is safe to swallow but we'd recommend spitting it out as it helps dislodge food particles and plaque!).

Get fresh by subscribing to our four-month supply of 124 Bits (a minty addition to your morning routine) and your first shipment arrives in a sleek 2oz. reusable branded glass jar along with a complimentary travel tin which finally gives use that that fifth pocket in your pants...

After that, refills are delivered in a fully home compostable pouch so you can keep up that zero waste game with zero πŸ‘ effort πŸ‘.

Shop our mouthwash tablets πŸ‘Œ

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