One Bottle, A Million Ways

One Bottle, A Million Ways

One of the major perks of being sustainable with Bite? It’s really cute. It’s true! Our glass bottles are pretty, and they’re meant to be re-used. There are a million ways to upcycle our bottles, from the fully practical to the entirely whimsical, and we encourage you to try whatever speaks to you. Here are a few ideas:

1. Replace your ring dish

Ring dishes are okay and all, but they do have the downside of being unprotected by walls. How many times have you brushed your ring dish with your sleeve, only to send your valuables flying? Instead, keep your jewelry in your Bite jar. Not only is it safe and sound when you’re not wearing it, but it’s on display, too.  

2. Spray and monogram for clever gifting

Hit up your local craft store for some sea glass spray, and transform your Bite bottle into a decorative jar. Getting married soon? Monogram the jars and use as containers for bridesmaids’ gifts. Or as gifts for anyone, any time!

3. Use for button storage

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought, “Where the heck should I put this??” when removing a spare button from a new sweater. Okay, take your hand down, and get to work on your new button jar. Glue a pretty hand-drawn label on, and start filling your bottle up with buttons. Keep it on a decorative bookshelf, and never wonder what to do with a button again.

4. Make DIY candles

Making your own candles is a fun and low-stress craft project, perfect for a cozy day at home. Make one in your Bite jar and use it to light up whatever part of your home needs a little love.

5. Use for portable spice storage

If you’re outdoorsy and like to go camping, you know the struggle of eating good, seasoned food while in the woods. Put your favorite spice in our jar and throw it in your pack! It won’t spill, and you’ll have a delicious, truly tasty meal by the fire.

6. Make DIY diffusers

Grab your favorite essential oil and some bamboo skewers, and you’ll have this done in no time. Here are some easy instructions.

7. Plant a succulent

Man, do we love lil plants. They’re good for the air around us, are excellent silent companions, and make any living space 10x cuter by default. It’s super easy to plant a succulent, and your Bite jar is the perfect home for your new plant baby.

8. Use as a vase

Not feeling particularly crafty? No problem. Use the bottle as a vase for wildflowers. Place on your kitchen table, and think about how cute it looks while you eat your breakfast.

Those are just a few ideas — and we know there are more! So tell us how you’ve re-used your Bite bottle - @ us in a photo of your newly-used bottle on Instagram.

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  • Diane McDonald

    I hope you send refills in squish proof envelopes and not a new jar every time.

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