Plastic Free Deodorant

Plastic Free Deodorant

As time goes on and the damage done to our planet becomes more and more evident, it becomes even clearer how important it is not just to limit the amount of harm we do but actively combat it. 

The good news is that there are so many ways we can lessen our carbon footprint. In fact, these ways are so plentiful we do not even notice them in our day-to-day lives. 

Chances are, nearly all of the products we use daily could be either swapped out or altered for a more environmentally conscious version. From bringing reusable bags to the grocery store to buying second-hand clothes and more - sit back and think about how you spend your time and if there are steps that could make that time more eco-friendly. 

The Bite team likes to focus on improving daily necessities like personal hygiene. That is why we are so proud to offer our sustainable and effective Toothpaste Bits, as well as our plastic-free and compostable toothbrushes. In addition, we offer our newest product: 100 percent plastic-free, baking soda-free deodorant

We want to offer an option that is healthier for you and our planet and make sure that you can feel ethically sound while using our products. After all, when brushing your teeth, you should be focused on reaching your molars, not on whether your toothpaste provider is actively contributing to the 380 million tons of plastic dumped in our oceans every year.

But enough about toothpaste, we are here to talk about one of its equally necessary peers in the world of hygiene: deodorant.

Is There Plastic In Typical Deodorant?

Like many products on the market today, plastic is nearly everywhere. Whether you look at the packaging, the means of production, or the product itself, it is clear to see that these products would not be what they are without the dangerous and chronic overutilization of environment-harming plastics. 

That is why it is so important to actively seek out deodorants that blaze a new trail, one that shows plastic is not a necessary part of a product.

Think about the classic deodorants you grew up using, or possibly the ones you still use today. By the way, if you still use conventional deodorants, do not feel bad. 

Just picture walking through the cluttered and busy aisles of a drug store. If you are seeing what I’m seeing, each deodorant option looks nearly identical to the last. It is a sea of plastic-encased deodorants, far from the zero-waste options that could become emblematic of a more sustainable future. 

Picking up a plastic-free deodorant stick in these stores is often like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but you don’t even know what the needle looks like. Everything is so similar without offering sustainable benefits to you or the environment. 

These products advertise natural scents like vanilla, coconuts, lavender, and more, without coming anywhere close to the real versions of those natural substances. Instead, they are chock full of parabens, aluminum, and other fillers.

As it currently stands, most mainstream deodorants on the market come with an abundance of plastic. The prominence of these options sends a message that this is the only way to have a functional, effective product. 

Luckily perception is not reality, and in fact, there are so many ways to create a deodorant that will deodorize everything you want it to, without doing harm to the environment in the process.

Plastic Applicators

One of the most readily apparent examples of overuse of plastic in deodorants comes from their applicators. These are almost always made entirely of plastic, and this amount of cheap, non-biodegradable plastic often hides a relatively small amount of actual product. In so many ways, there is a total lack of transparency. 

Another issue with plastic applicators and the other many small plastic components that make up a tube of deodorant is that it can be confusing which types of plastic can be recycled or not. 

This might not seem like too big of a deal, but in reality, putting a type of plastic that cannot be recycled in with recycling can cause a lot of damage. It can either cost a great deal of money to sort out or can prevent entire loads from being recycled properly.

It is not common for manufacturers to deliberately comment on their recycling practices or the recyclability of the materials used, so it is important to do your own research about the products you purchase. 


So as long as you know how to sustainably and adequately dispose of your deodorant packaging, you should be good, right? Well, it’s not necessarily that simple. This added complication manifests in the form of pesky microplastics. 

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic that cannot be broken down further. These pieces have the potential to do immense harm to both our oceans and wildlife, making them a real cause for alarm. 

Many products that we use for hygiene and beauty contain microplastics and microbeads (a formerly popular exfoliating agent made of small plastic balls). This means that even properly recycled plastics are not necessarily safe, because the formula itself, which does not get recycled, contains plastic. The best option is to go with an entirely plastic-free deodorant.

Why Is It Important To Stay Plastic-Free?

There are so many reasons in our modern era that it is crucial to stay plastic-free, but the main one is that our over-use of plastic directly contributes to the destruction of our oceans and environment as a whole. 

On the bright side, this does mean that we have a way to make a tangible difference in how we affect our planet, and that is by cutting down on our use of plastics.

What Makes Bite’s Plastic-Free Deodorant So Special?

Bite’s Plastic-Free deodorant is not only unique in terms of what it doesn’t contain, but possibly even more so for what it does. Yes, the packaging is completely reusable and free of plastics. And yes, the deodorant itself is free of aluminum, palm oil, and baking soda, but it is about more than that. 

The packaging is sustainable, refills are entirely compostable, and the deodorant is both vegan and cruelty-free. 

Aluminum-Free, Baking Soda-Free, and Palm Oil-Free

We are beyond proud to say that our zero waste baking soda-free deodorants wick sweat on any skin type. 

Those with sensitive skin, or those who simply prefer to be able to pronounce their ingredients, will be immensely comforted by the fact that our deodorant is made up of all-natural, aluminum-free ingredients.

Transparent Scents

We offer three distinct, natural scents in our deodorants. Whether you select Neroli, Rose Vert, or Santal, it is impossible to go wrong. 

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Ingredients

Our deodorant uses shea butter to lock in moisture (not sweat) while locking out undesirable odors and bacteria. We also utilize coconut oil and more natural components to create eco-friendly deodorants that are responsible, sustainable, and most importantly, they really work.

Durable, Refillable Case

When you order Bite’s Plastic-Free Deodorant, you will receive 2 deodorant refills and one metal case and metal lid, making it an infinitely more environmentally friendly deodorant than its many plastic counterparts. You can also receive compostable refills that can be inserted right back into your applicator every four months.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

All Bite products are shipped with the intention to decrease our carbon emissions. 

We utilize existing shipping routes. It’s essentially the public transportation of shipping. All of your items come to you right when you need them, but postal carriers do not have to go out of their way, greatly reducing our carbon footprint.

Does Plastic-Free Deodorant Really Work?

This is the big question, the one on everyone’s mind. And, honestly, we get it. The last thing you want is to realize your deodorant stopped working midway through the day, so allow us to assuage those fears once and for all. Yes, plastic-free deodorant really works!

Zinc Ricinoleate

Zinc ricinoleate is widely known for its tremendous odor absorbing capabilities, making it an ideal candidate to make up many natural deodorants. From powders to glass jars, to deodorant creams, to balms, this is a natural ingredient well worth using regardless of the package it comes in.


There are countless options for finding a healthier deodorant option, but thankfully an increasing amount of them are plastic-free. 

Many of these plastic-free options also contain organic ingredients like rosemary, essential oils (tea tree oil, eucalyptus, bergamot, peppermint, lemon, grapefruit, orange, etc.), cocoa butter, and more. 

Through knowing your body and what ingredients you prefer, finding the perfect plastic-free deodorant for you will be as easy as applying it.



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