Ten Sustainable Household Products You Won't Be Able to Live Without

Ten Sustainable Household Products You Won't Be Able to Live Without

When it comes to household products, a lot of what’s available can leave much to be desired for both our personal health and the health of the planet. If you are looking for sustainable, high-quality, and eco-friendly products to use, you are in the right place! 

What Makes a Product Sustainable?

For something to be considered sustainable, it must not do any extra harm to the environment throughout its entire lifecycle, starting with production, all the way through its use and disposal. While many people have their own definitions of the term “sustainability,” the essence of it is leaving the earth just as good as, if not better than how we found it.

By using resources mindfully, you can be on your merry way to including sustainable products that are good for the environment. Let’s discover what exactly makes a product sustainable and must-have products that you won’t be able to live without.


Today, many companies use and waste resources as though they are boundless, not acknowledging  that our materials are finite and will eventually run out if we do not care for them. On the contrary, some organizations intentionally use resources sparingly, centering production cycles around sustainably limiting materials – And this is what we want more of 👏 

Zero waste means that you are not adding any additional waste to the environment. If a company is zero waste, they are using all biodegradable materials for the product, packaging and production cycles. 


The name says it all—being plastic-free means that a product does not contain any plastic and therefore does not contribute to plastic waste.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Looking after ourselves and the environment also includes the animals we share this planet with. Companies that are vegan and cruelty-free are a much more ethical option as they keep innocent animals out of products and testing processes’

Clean Ingredients

Using clean ingredients is all about utilizing resources that are safe and naturally derived. Not only are the ingredients themselves cleaner, but the methods used for obtaining these ingredients are often better for the environment.

Mindful Shipping Routes

  • Fast shipping methods are inherently awful for the environment. The truth is, while it may be convenient, there is no reason we need that pair of pe tomorrow. 

Companies can also use existing shipping routes to get your products to you right when you need them while still reducing carbon emissions, perhaps to the point of even being carbon neutral.

At Bite, our orders are typically shipped along the slow and predetermined system or "public transit" of delivery which significantly cuts down on the carbon footprint of your delivery.

What Are the Best Sustainable Household Products?

Whether you are learning about how to live sustainably and it’s importance or or  looking to take your sustainable practices to the next level, we can always do things to improve.  If you are just starting out, welcome! We are so glad you are here. Both we here at Bite and the planet thank you for doing the work.

The first step is becoming aware and deepening that awareness into a framework where actionable change is possible. Once you start making lifestyle change to better yourself and the environment, be sure to be patient with yourself to avoid overwhelm and burnout 

Even if you just begin with smaller changes,you are still making a difference as they are still beneficial in the long run. Not only that, but once those changes become part of your everyday routine, incrementally adding more becomes easy too. You do not have to change everything about how you live your life to make a real, tangible difference. Start small, and from there you will grow.

Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are an excellent gateway into the world of sustainable living and consumption. There are simply so many different things to love about sustainable bags. Firstly, they significantly cut down on the prominence of single-use plastic traditionally used in shopping bags. 

Single-use plastic is one of the absolute worst dangers our oceans have to face. Marine life often confuses these pieces of plastic waste for food, and they swallow it, or they can get trapped in it, leading to major bodily harm or worse. 

In fact, plastic bags are one of the absolute worst dangers facing marine life today.

Plastic cannot fully decompose, so it just remains in our oceans, emitting harmful amounts of methane. It tends to end up in the ocean because plastic is often disposed of incorrectly aka not recycled like it should be.

Instead, both we and the planet are much better off using reusable bags. They are a core part of the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

Spending $3.99 on a reusable tote bag is an investment that will save you money in the long run. Nowadays, Many stores charge for the use of plastic bags. Even if the ten-cent price tag may not seem like very much, these expenses add up over time, creating a truly staggering number spent just on plastic bags. 

The last reason to invest in reusable bags is admittedly a more fun one than the previous two. They can look however you want! 

Reusable bags and totes have also become a trendy fashion statement, elevating outfits and helping the planet at the same time- can’t say the same for plastic bags! Where plastic bags often have the logo or name of a business proudly stamped on the front, a reusable cloth bag can have any number of patterns, colors or logos. 

Zero-Waste Cleaning Products

Cleanliness is an important practice in caring for our planet and immediate surroundings. Keeping a clean and healthy home is a necessity for both functionality and comfort. Unfortunately the bulk of cleaning products offered to us in stores come in plastic bottles filled with nasty chemicals. 

Bottles meant for single use are destined to end up in a landfill or the ocean, damaging the environment for generations to come. 

On top of this, the contents of these bottles are cleaning formulas made from harsh chemicals that are very dangerous to children, pets and anyone with certain sensitivities. .You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the health of the planet and your household for a clean home, and luckily you don’t have to. There are now many other noteworthy product options for cleaning your home and keeping you healthy. 

We will touch a bit more on the contents of these cleaning products later (see the “Plant-Based Cleaners” section of this article), but for now, let’s focus primarily on the packaging and how we can combat the waste produced throughout the production cycle. 

Cleaning products should be clean in more ways than one; clean ingredients that can effectively clean. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Instead, it is important that we invest in reusable bottles, more sustainable laundry detergents such as biodegradable pods, and any other form of eco-friendly cleaners.

Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover Pads

Makeup is a tool that many of us use in our daily lives. There is a lot of variety in routine, products and desired outcomes for makeup wear as well. While the possibilities for makeup are endless. 

While a good portion of the makeup industry is somewhat behind regarding sustainability efforts, there are some companies that are slowly moving towards offering sustainable options.

It’s not only the application process (filled with bulky plastic mascara wands and eye shadow pallets) that hurt the environment, it's the removal as well. 

Removing your makeup is a crucial part of the process.

Disposable makeup wipes and cotton pads packaged in plastic containers and bags are not the move. Luckily, there is an equally effective and much healthier alternative for removal. Reusable makeup pads and cloths made from naturally derived cotton can be thrown into the wash and reused many times. 

These options are made out of soft, standard cotton that easily absorb makeup residue and do a great job dispersing the remover formula around your face or the desired area. Then, when you are done, simply wash the reusable pad and get ready to use it time and time again.

Refillable Toothpaste Bits

There is no doubt about it; maintaining our oral hygiene is a must.

Brushing your teeth twice a day is pretty essential. Especially if you want to keep your breath fresh and your friends in close proximity 

However, the issue we need to consider is: how much harm can toothpaste tubes have on our environment? Traditional toothpaste is filled with plastic, primarily in the packaging, but sometimes even in the actual paste as well (yuck!).

We have already discussed plastic's ability to wreak havoc on the state of our oceans and marine life, so it’s clear just how crucial it is to not contribute to these already staggering amounts of waste.

This is where Bite Toothpaste Bits come in. Our toothpaste comes in the form of tablets. Pop a toothpaste bit in your mouth, wet your toothbrush and let the brushing commence. The formula is composed of natural ingredients, free of any harmful chemicals, and leaves your breath fresher than ever. 

Our Bits contain clean ingredients that fight against tooth sensitivity by rebuilding enamel, have natural whitening properties, and combat surface stains and plaque from building up on the tooth surface.

In addition, our toothpaste bits are vegan and cruelty-free. The bits come in a reusable glass bottle that can later be repurposed to stylishly hold anything you want. Your refill of Bits that will arrive right at your doorstep before you even need them. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottles and Straws

Single-use plastic water bottles are a tremendous threat to our oceans. When you take a walk near any natural water source like a beach, river or a lake, you are likely to find multiple pieces of plastic waste polluting the area. This can be reduced significantly by investing in reusable, stainless steel water bottles. 

Nowadays, there is an abundance of water stations in schools, offices, gyms and most public spaces so you will never be too far from a fill up. By making the switch you can start filling up your water for free at the airport instead of shelling out dollars for a disposable bottle. In only a few uses, this reusable water bottle will more than pay for itself. 

Then, there is the issue of plastic straws. We have all seen the videos of marine life being tragically, irreparably harmed by trying to consume or simply swimming into plastic straws. Using reusable straws is a fantastic way to drastically cut down on single-use plastic. 

There is a wide variety of materials to choose from: bamboo, metal and glass are just a few options that will help the planet and enhance your beverage drinking experience. 

It is worth noting that plastic straws are a necessary and safe option for people with certain disabilities, so getting rid of them entirely may not be the best option. However, for those of us who only turn to plastic straws because they are convenient and the norm, it is definitely time to find a new alternative.

Refillable Mouthwash Bits

Keeping a clean, healthy and balanced mouth requires more than just toothpaste. We mouthwash, floss, and the toothbrush themselves are all essential aspect to a complete oral hygiene routine.

Mouthwash must be sustainable, zero-waste, plastic-free, and always work to fight bad breath and keep your smile beautiful. That is why it was so important to us to get the formula of our Mouthwash Bits exactly right. 

Not only is our mouthwash minty and refreshing, it also stops cavity-causing bacteria in its tracks. Like our Toothpaste Bits, this formula also helps restore enamel, fight sensitivity, and promote whitening.

Our mouthwash Bits also come in a convenient and aesthetically pleasing glass jar, making for a beautiful addition to any bathroom cabinet or shelf. When you get your refill by mail (with 100 percent biodegradable packaging and shipping materials, by the way), you will be given a convenient tin that can be taken with you on the go.

Plant-Based Cleaners

We have covered the importance of using zero-waste cleaning products, but what about the makeup of the cleaning formulas inside?

Almost all of these formulas are made of chemicals that can be harsh and damaging, whether it's detergents, unnaturally colored dish soap, glass cleaner, or stainless steel cleaner, 

Instead, look into more eco-friendly cleaning products that contain natural ingredients. Eco friendly cleaners are becoming more commonplace and can likely be found in your local grocery store. 

When you are using these natural cleaners, be sure to use a rag rather than paper towels when tidying up and spreading the formula. The manufacturing of paper towels greatly harms trees, and their disposal is equally detrimental.

By using rags made of old towels, t-shirts, and other cloth that you have lying around the house, you are decreasing the amount of trees that need to be chopped down and  you are giving that old high school t-shirt a new purpose.

In this way, by using rags, you are both reducing and reusing.

Cleaning products also apply to your own personal hygiene. Researching natural and sustainable alternatives to the items we currently use is a worthwhile endeavor and something we should all pursue. Whether using shampoo bars, utilizing coconut oil as a body moisturizer, or switching to refillable hand soap, there are so many ways we can all make a difference.

Sustainable Dental Floss

We’ve gone over how to make both toothpaste and mouthwash more sustainable and now it's time to talk about everyone's favorite-flossing. Okay, maybe it isn’t quite your favorite, but it is important. Since you are doing such a stellar job looking after your own health and wellbeing, why not extend that attention to the planet’s health as well?

Traditional floss comes in plastic containers that inevitably end up as waste. Not only that but many people are shocked to find out that most dental floss is actually made of plastic. Usually, nylon, to be precise. Some floss is also made out of Teflon, which has had serious negative effects on people due to its potential toxicity.  

At Bite, we do things a little differently. We know that these unnatural ingredients are bad for both the planet and our health,so we decided to do something about that. That is why Bite’s Dental Floss is thoughtfully made of candelilla wax, which is perfect for gliding in between your teeth to eliminate build-up and keep everything clean.

The floss itself is entirely compostable,sothe days of throwing plastic floss into the trash are now behind us . It comes shipped in a glass bottle and contains a pack of two. Our floss ships in a refillable glass bottle, and the refills are sent in totally compostable material before you ever run out. 

Bamboo Toothbrushes

So what about the toothbrush?Don’t worry; we will never forget about the all-important toothbrush. Almost all toothbrushes on the market today are made of plastic, many containing batteries. Batteries themselves can pose a significant threat to the environment when not recycled correctly. 

If they are just tossed into the trash, the chemicals within them can leak out, harming water supplies and crops. While toothbrushes with a rechargeable battery make for a better option, they will eventually have to be disposed of as well.

This is why Bite offers compostable Bamboo Toothbrushes. The entire brush is made of all-natural plant-based materials like castor beans for the bristles and Moso Bamboo for the handle. It will always give you a perfect clean while being kind to the planet at the same time. 

Plastic-Free Whitening Gel

The last important sustainable household product on our list is plastic-free tooth whitening agent. There is an entirely incorrect assumption that a whitening product cannot be effective without a bunch of hard-to-pronounce chemicals that come from unnatural l sources. We at Bite are proving this wrong with our Whitening Gel.

Like all of our products, this effective gel is cruelty-free and vegan. It is also safe for those battling more sensitive teeth since the formula is baking soda free. Instead, the gel is peroxide-based and is gentle where you need it to be, but always strong where it counts. Stubborn coffee stains are no match for our formula. 

The whitening gel comes in a glass container, and each shipment comes with a convenient and compostable applicator brush. Simply apply some of the gel onto the brush, then carefully and thoroughly paint the formula onto dry teeth. Go ahead and check out your sparkling smile for two minutes as it foams up, and then spit out any remaining gel. This process can be repeated twice a day for 14 days.


These are just a few of the many excellent sustainable household products on the market today. By purchasing sustainable household products, it helps to reduce our carbon footprint. As time goes on, more companies will hopefully begin to offer their own eco-friendly items, but there’s no time like the present to progress on your sustainability journey. 



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