Toothpaste Alternatives: Everything You Need To Know

Toothpaste Alternatives: Everything You Need To Know

The routine of toothbrushing is one we know well and practice frequently. Chances are, most of us have been doing it since we were kids to improve our smiles. It is possible that since then, you have considered what other options are out there. 

Surely the toothbrushing experience expands beyond what we were originally taught right? If you have ever wondered if there is more out there, we have the answers.

The good news is that just because a new technique or product may not be consistent with the way things have always been done does not mean it isn’t effective. After all, how else would we have innovation? 

It is necessary for people to think outside the box and pursue options other than the ones that have been set out for them. Just because there is a sure way we have always done something does not mean it is the way we always will.

We have some solutions if you are looking for toothpaste alternatives free of artificial sweeteners, dyes, and harmful chemicals to prevent cavity-causing bacteria, restore tooth enamel, and leave your pearly whites healthier than ever.

What Can You Use Instead of Toothpaste?

If you have decided toothpaste is not the best option for you, you may now be considering possible alternatives and wondering if they are actually effective.

Does it work to brush your teeth with just water rather than with the aid of toothpaste? Or, to take it one step further, is dry brushing your teeth an effective method for maintaining your oral health?

Can You Brush Your Teeth With Just Water?

Brushing your teeth with just water rather than any kind of toothpaste agent is an option. As long as you use an effective toothbrush with bristles that provide a productive amount of abrasiveness, this still benefits your oral health. 

Using a wet toothbrush is better than nothing, but by not using any kind of toothpaste, there are definitely some other health benefits that you may be missing out on.

Instead, it might be a better option to look into toothpaste that fits your specific needs rather than preceding it all together. You can look into herbal tooth powders and other natural toothpaste that utilize the power of plant-based ingredients to provide you with the oral care you need.

Is It Okay to Dry Brush Your Teeth?

In the case that you want to save water, do not like the sensation of a wet toothbrush, or if you have any other motivation for wanting to dry brush your teeth, know that this is a viable option as well. 

Studies have shown that dry brushing still has the ability to reduce plaque build-up that leads to tooth decay. In fact, it might even have a slightly higher rate of plaque reduction than toothbrushes that were already wet.

While brushing your teeth with either a wet or dry toothbrush is an option available to you, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends using toothpaste when brushing. This is because of the many well-documented advantages that toothpaste has when caring for your teeth.

The good news is that even if you are not looking for a typical toothpaste, there are many other options out there that might be more to your liking.

What Is a Natural Alternative to Toothpaste?

It is important to note that you do not have to forego toothpaste completely to be more sustainable. 

Many of the toothpaste currently on the market at mass retailers are packaged with plastic tubes. Not only that, but they also make use of ingredients like baking soda (which can cause heightened sensitivity) and other components that are less than ideal.

As a result, it can be a perfectly normal reaction to want to look into other toothpaste options. The good news is that there are all-natural and zero-waste alternatives to ease your mind while providing you with all the oral health benefits you need.

What Are Orally-Healthy Zero-Waste Toothpaste Alternatives?

Bite’s Toothpaste Bits are a completely zero-waste, vegan, cruelty-free, fluoride-free alternative. 

All of the ingredients that make up our toothpaste bits are naturally derived, and they all play an integral part in making our formula one of the best out there. Our formula is free of any sulfates (step aside, lauryl sulfate), parabens, and hydrogen peroxide. 

Instead, we use natural ingredients to combat common oral issues such as gingivitis, inflammation, and infection. Our toothpaste tablets also come in a refillable and compostable glass jar that adds a lovely touch to any bathroom’s aesthetic. It looks right at home anywhere and can easily be reused to either house your new shipment of Toothpaste Bits or anything else that needs a container.

For a new take on our classic Fresh Mint flavor, try out our Mint Charcoal. It has all the plentiful upsides of using activated charcoal in toothpaste but still in the same sustainable package. If mint is not your style, we have you covered too. Berry Twist offers a delightful taste alternative for adults and kids alike.

What Else Can You Use to Brush Your Teeth?

If you are looking for a toothbrush alternative, you should just look for something with soft bristles that will not harm your gums but are tough enough to remove plaque. If you are unhappy with the conventional toothbrushes available in stores, consider looking online.

Just be sure that whatever you choose leaves you feeling clean, and does a good job of removing any debris and dirt.

How Can I Keep My Teeth Clean Without Brushing?

Brushing is a necessary part of proper oral care, and finding the right products for your needs can make it more pleasant — and more eco-friendly. 

However, there are steps you can take in addition to brushing to keep your oral hygiene in tip-top shape — such as a thorough swish with some health-forward mouthwash. 

Bite offers a sustainable mouthwash that has a plethora of advantages for both you and your dentist to enjoy.


There are various reasons that you may be looking into alternatives to the traditional toothpaste available on the market today. Perhaps you are looking for a more sustainable option, or you experience sensitivity to certain common ingredients and flavors or something else entirely. Know that there are other options available to you, and with your dentist’s help, you can easily create a plan that’s just right for you.


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