We're Carbon Neutral (And Why it Matters)

We're Carbon Neutral (And Why it Matters)

At Bite we always strive to do better and while we are constantly auditing our processes and looking for ways to bring our already low carbon footprint down even more, we're now offsetting any carbon we cannot avoid with the help of one of the most reputable carbon offset programs in the world, Carbonfund.org.

Through Carbonfund.org, we're joining other companies that align with our values, including Founding Farmers, Clean Cult, Earth Hero, and Paper Culture.

But, we haven't only offset our business, we also pay to offset Every. Single. Order. we send, so you can breath easy knowing your Bits are being shipped to you carbon neutral. 

So, what is Carbon Neutrality all about and WHY does it matter?

The planet is on fire (literally in California we can't seem to catch a break) and a lot of this is stemming from climate change directly related to carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions come from pretty much everything we do, from buying clothes to the electricity in your home to driving your car. Can you relate?

According to science (which we believe in, btw), if we don't do anything to change our habits as consumers and corporations, the global temperature will rise, and we will all be f— there will be irreversible damage for people and the planet by 2050. Yikes.

Some good news. The US just rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement on the first day of the Biden Administration which gives us hope for a greener future. 🙏

US rejoins the Paris Climate Agreement | Source: Climemechange
Source: Climemechange


While rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement is a breath of fresh air and a literal sigh of relief (go ahead, take a breath and let it out with us), now's a good time to think about what you can do as an individual.

What can YOU do to reduce your carbon footprint?

One very important thing to remember is that every. little. bit. counts.

You are one person. Who can have a big impact.

Take Bite for example. Bite was started when Lindsay (CEO and Founder) was going through an insane amount of travel toothpaste tubes and decided to do something about it. Her friends kicked the tube with her, and just two years later Bite has eliminated 2.9 MILLION plastic toothpaste tubes from ending up in landfills and oceans, and over 560,000 mouthwash bottles!

Your actions influence the people around you. Whether that's giving up single-use plastic in the bathroom or emailing a company to hold them accountable for doing better. Take any company you know that ships with excessive packaging and share that ish on social and tag them.

Social media has its ups and its downs, but the cool thing is that it's easier than ever for your voice to be heard, talk directly to companies, and have a direct impact.

If starting your own sustainable business isn't your cup of tea, there's tons of ways you can cut your daily carbon footprint down on a daily basis and encourage others too.

How to reduce your carbon footprint

We're not gonna sugarcoat it, living more sustainably isn't easy and sometimes it's straight up a pain. But the more people that do it, the more things like refilling, reusing containers and compostable packaging will become the norm, and more affordable for everyone. 

1. Follow sustainability peeps online

If you're not sure where to start, you'll get tons of inspiration from people who are already trying to live more sustainably, and it really helps normalize the ups and downs.

A few of our favorite sustainable peeps to follow on Instagram and TikTok for how they make sustainability accessible, fun and break it down in relatable ways include:

2. Audit your daily habits

What products do you use on a daily basis and are there sustainable alternatives (making sure to use and reuse what you have first!).

Can you bike or walk more instead of driving? Are you tossing out plastic tubes of toothpaste and mouthwash bottles that can be swapped for our refillable jars? Do the businesses that you shop from have sustainable practices? These are just a few things to get the wheels spinning.

3. Purchase carbon offsets

Money can't buy love but it can buy... carbon offsets which is close TBH. What this looks like is literally making a purchase for something in your life (or just offsetting your entire life — yes, there is an option to do that and it costs $16,320). Your money goes towards fighting climate change by supporting climate projects worldwide including renewable energy, methane destruction, energy efficiency, forestry and water restoration:

Offset your life with Carbon Fund

Learn more about offsetting your individual impact

You can smile knowing your Bits are now delivered to you with ZERO 👏 EMISSIONS 👏 (we're offsetting the carbon for all of our online orders too!) and it's because of YOU that our small company is able to do big things that set a new precedent for how all companies can do better.

Set up your plastic-free bathroom 😊

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